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Welcome to this library of 90+ Ecoaching Tips for Teaching Online


Judith Boettcher

This library of tips addresses the many issues, challenges and fun in designing and teaching a course in blended or online environments. Novice and experienced faculty alike will find practical and theory-based hints and ideas.

These tips cover the fundamentals of what to do in the four phases of a course, how to set up and manage groups, how to plan assessments and how to wrap up a course in style. These tips also go suggest effective and efficient learning strategies and the over arching importance of teaching presence in online courses.

Don't miss the following two documents that provide a foundation in practices and principles of online learning.

Ten Best Practices – A quick look at how to succeed in teaching blended or online programs

Ten Core Learning Principles — A description of the core learning principles behind the tips.  Here is the citation - Boettcher, J. V. (2007). Ten core principles for designing effective learning environments:  Insights from brain research and pedagogical theory. Innovate Journal of Online Education 3(3).Ten_Core_Principles_for_Designing_Effective_Learning_Environments-__Insights_from_Brain_Research_and_Pedagogical_Theory.pdf

Rita-Marie Conrad

More about the Tips...

This library of tips was started in early 2006 specifically to support the online faculty online faculty in Duquesne University’s School of Leadership and Professional Advancement at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh (www.duq.edu). The library of tips continues to grow as part of an ongoing ecoaching service that includes personalized course design support. The coaching service also provides a gentle oversight as faculty teach online for the first time. These tips are provided as a community resource to help provide the best teaching and learning experience possible for faculty and learners. Let us know if you find them helpful.

Judith Boettcher and Rita-Marie Conrad, authors and consultants in online learning.

Judith can be reached  at judith followed by designingforlearning.org.

Revised May 11, 2013
Copyright Judith V. Boettcher, 1997-2013



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Revised May 11 2013
Copyright Judith V. Boettcher, 1997-2013