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Designing for Learning — Consulting and Faculty Coaching in Online and Blended Learning Design and Practice

Welcome to this Designing for Learning site. I hope you find many useful resources for practical, yet deep thinking about online learning, blended learning, instructional design and supporting excellent teaching and learning.

This site features publications and articles from over 25 years while I have been working, writing, and consulting in the area of online and distance learning and faculty development. These years include work at Penn State, Florida State, the University of Florida, Duquesne University and the non-profit organization CREN as a consultant, instructional futurist, online program advisor and ecoach. 

I continue doing workshops, consulting and coaching faculty and serving on conference boards. I just recently (August 2012) returned from the Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning in Madison, WI and enjoyed sessions on digital storytelling and faculty creating personality videos. I am also in the middle of a project to update and refresh the tips in the library of e-coaching tips. Those tips that have been refreshed will soon be noted on the library’s table of contents.

Don’t miss checking out the book that grew out of these tips —The Online Teaching Survival Guide: Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips by Judith V. Boettcher and Rita-Marie Conrad published by Jossey-Bass. This book organizes and updates many of the ecoaching tips from this site, providing a valuable resource for any faculty grappling with developing and delivering any blended or online program. Many faculty support centers and programs are using this book as part of their faculty development programs. The book is available also at Amazon as a Kindle edition. Coauthor Rita Marie Conrad and Ana Donaldson also have a new book out, Continuing to Engage the Online Learner.

The Library of E-Coaching Tips for Online Learning now numbers 99, most of which are on the site, and the others are coming. These tips were written by me (Judith) in collaboration with colleague, Rita-Marie Conrad, Ph.D. These ecoaching tips are for faculty who are designing and teaching online courses and blended campus courses. Staff and administrators find these tips handy as well just for learning and planning. An updated - from 2011 - set of Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online is also used by many faculty programs and newsletters.

I haven’t taken time to list my presentations, but I want to note that I particularly enjoyed keynoting a number of events in 2009 including the League for Innovation's annual Conference on Information Technology (CIT) in Detroit in October; the 25th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning. August 4-7, 2009, Madison, Wisconsin and the Curricular Change Summit for the American Association of the Colleges of Pharmacy in Scottsdale, Arizona in September.  All these keynotes provided a combination of a look at the past, the future, and designing effective online programs. An archive of the presentation at the Wisconsin Distance Teaching & Learning is available at http://www.uwex.edu/disted/conference/Resource_library/keynote_resources.cfm

In addition to the tips, the site provides many publications and writings from over the years, including an early article titled, Let's Boldly Go... to the Education Holodeck that appeared on the Syllabus /now /Campus Technology/ magazine back in 1998. That one is still fun to read as we don't have holodecks quite yet!

Many more articles and webinars by Judith are available at the Campus Technology site.  One of the most recent (2/2011) articles is Evidence of Learning Online: Assessment Beyond The Paper.

Older but much commented on articles include:

Many of these publications and writings examine questions about online learning, such as cost questions about "how much" and "how many" and "how long"; basic principles about online learning; and what might the future bring? I am glad to hear from many in our community that they still find these writings helpful in clarifying issues and trends.

After 25 + years of experience in supporting faculty and administrators in the effective use of technologies to enhance teaching and learning, the common theme in my work is this belief: It is the power of instructional design, learning research and theory to support the goals of effective and efficient learning.

Also, don't miss the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Distance and Online Learning. This edition has contributions from many of you, old and new friends, colleagues and new acquaintances.

 A Bit More Background

Over the years, I have consulted with a wide range of universities, colleges, and business organizations and is widely published in higher education publications. Under the Designing for Learning name since 2003, I have been consulting and coaching faculty, administrators, and deans on program planning for online and blended courses and programs, giving workshops, presentations, and keynotes as well as continuing writing.

As a Syllabus scholar in the decade of the 1990s and continuing into the 2010’s, I have delivered many workshops on online learning and instructional design and have been a long-time member of the Syllabus/Campus Technology conference board, a co-editor of the faculty and staff development section of Innovate,   member of the advisory committee for Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), and on the conference board for the Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning.

My experience has included my time as Executive Director of CREN from 1997-2003. During that time CREN produced the CREN TechTalk series, bi-monthly audio webcasts. I served as the program director of this series and cohost of these audio webcast series with Howard Strauss of Princeton. Campus Technology is now hosting the archives from these CREN TechTalks.

My experiences in designing and managing the development of learning experiences integrating technology developments spans corporate, non-profit and higher education campus environments, including years in faculty development and distance learning centers at Penn State and Florida State. I earned my Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction at the University of Minnesota and undergrad and master's degrees from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.


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